[Dixielandjazz] live band vs recorded music

James Kashishian kash at ran.es
Mon Mar 17 09:46:38 PST 2003

Joe wrote this:
>We play a jitterbug night every Monday night with young folks doing the
Lindy Hop, Balboa >and Shag to our (quartet) New Orleans Jazz and swing
tunes. They dance non-stop to every >song so when we take a break they
play swing tunes and keep dancing. 

Joe, we have gigs like this, also.  However, I was referring to the gig
NOT aimed at people that know how to dance.  You find this, in
particular, at weddings where there is a large difference in ages &
interests amongst the crowd.  Those that know a little about dancing
will enjoy the band, while those that know only how to wiggle around
will want their thump-thump stuff on.  Just try to put some swing on the
machine on your break, and some young squirt will pull it off.

An amazing angle to all this is that the recorded music is normally
played VERY loud, while if the band plays at a normal volume they can be
quite often accused of being too loud.  I think it's a visual
thing....actually seeing all those instruments up there, they just HAVE
to be loud!


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