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For TIA, Rae Ann

About 25 years ago one of my kids made a tape for me of Monty Sunshine's 
band.  She listed the songs, but not the musicians.  I'd love to know who's 
playing on this tape.  Anybody know who these musicians are?

I'm sorry I can't actually answer your question other than to suggest who the musicians may perhaps have been.  This is done so on the basis of a sleeve notes comment (written by Dig Fairweather): 
"The current ensemble has had a more or less steady personnel for years now."
Monty Sunshine (Clarinet); Alan Gresty (trumpet); Eddie Blashfield (trombone); Ken Barton (banjo, guitar, vocal); Micky Ashman (bass) and Geoff Downs (drums).  

This information was taken from a CD recorded at Radio Luxembourg Studios, London on 18th July 1979 (24 years ago) entitled Monty Sunshine In London. (Britain's Jazz Heritage).  The tracks on this (Black Lion Label) CD were St Phillip Street Breakdown / Dusty Road / Just A Closer Walk With Thee / Careless Love / C Jam Blues / You Rascal You / Burgundy Street Blues / East Coast Trot / When You And I Were Young Maggie and High Society.  My OZ colleague and friend Bill Haesler may be able to give you more accurate information.

Monty (or is he now billed as the Full Monty?) was featured with our Sydney-Zenith group whilst on tour in UK both in 1996 and 1998 but unfortunately we did not take any recordings.  You could contact Monty himself direct about this but he may not recall everyone unless you sent him a copy for comment.

Tom Wood
Sydney-Zenith JB
zenith at ans.com.au

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