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David Livingston snargi01 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 12 11:43:22 PST 2003

If you have a PC, John, try the Soundblaster Audigy II
Platinum. I recently bought one and I am very
impressed in the way it sounds. The Platinum version
comes with an extra faceplate that fits into a 5 ¼
inch drive space in the front of the computer. You can
connect midi, digital components, microphones and
headphones to this front faceplate. The card itself
allows microphone and up to a six-speaker system to be
plugged into it. It also has sound banks that will
allow a user to load real samples into memory and
program them to midi channels. The Platinum version
costs about $199 (US). There is also an external
version for slightly more. Here is the URL to the
soundblaster product page. 


Hope this helps,


--- John Farrell <stridepiano at tesco.net> wrote:
> I'm getting a little tired of listening to the music
> played by my computer,
> the soundcard is okayish nevertheless the
> computerised instruments sound
> unreal and tinny. I've heard that it is possible to
> bypass the soundcard and
> hook a midi connector from the line out socket to a
> synthesiser which plays
> real sampled instruments. Does anybody have any
> experience of this? If so I
> would be grateful for some information  on how to go
> about it, what hardware
> I need, and a ballpark figure of what it is likely
> to cost me (I don't want
> to make any more expensive mistakes!)
> As I'm no computer techie therefore plain language
> would be appreciated.
> Maybe offlist replies would be better

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