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I have some experience -- but probably won't be much help. About seven years ago I installed a $400 sound canvas card (in addition to my $30 sound card) that I set to play all midi files that the computer played. I do a lot of Finale work and got tired of that "tinny" sound you describe. It was phenomenal! Seriously, midi files sounded incredible! Real instrument sounds. Then I got a new computer with nothing but PCI slots. Sadly, my sound canvas card was the old ISA slot-type card (I don't think they even make ISA slots anymore) so I could no longer use it. Before I buy my next computer I'm going to research the heck out of sound cards so I can relive the glory days of my ol' ISA card and experience that pure sound. Of course, as you know, seven years ago is an eternity in computer time so I'm sure there are plenty of fun (less expensive) options out there now. 

Hey, now that I think of it -----> If anyone is interested in my ISA card, 50 bucks will get it sent to you -- complete with installation disks. 

Good luck, John. 

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   >  I'm getting a little tired of listening to the music played by my computer,
   >  the soundcard is okayish nevertheless the computerised instruments sound
   >  unreal and tinny. I've heard that it is possible to bypass the soundcard and
   >  hook a midi connector from the line out socket to a synthesiser which plays
   >  real sampled instruments. Does anybody have any experience of this? If so I
   >  would be grateful for some information  on how to go about it, what hardware
   >  I need, and a ballpark figure of what it is likely to cost me (I don't want
   >  to make any more expensive mistakes!)
   >  As I'm no computer techie therefore plain language would be appreciated.
   >  Maybe offlist replies would be better
   >  John Farrell
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