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> Aside from symphony players, opera players, theatre players and what's left
> of the studio guys now that synthesizers have taken their jobs, who the 
> hell
> does?
The main influence the union seems to have on OKOM bands today is preventing 
them from playing in venues where they have influence with other employees.  
I could paint a picture that unions could provide a useful function of 
steering jobs to members...ie. a prepaid agent of sorts.  However, the 
easiest thing is to sit back and wait for a member to complain about a 
non-union band playing at location -X- and then try to disrupt the contract.  
Generally speaking, the idea of a scale pay structure does not work with 
venues anymore.  That's why the NY s  

It might be interesting to hear from DJML'ers who are members of the 
musician's union and can attribute the union as to helping them actually land 
gigs.  That is what is needed in today's environment.

Bud Taylor
Smugtown Stompers
Rochester, NY
Traditional Jazz since 1958
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