[Dixielandjazz] bighearted whores

David Palmquist davidpalmquist at dccnet.com
Mon Mar 10 14:25:48 PST 2003

Why is it ok to conduct a band of kids for free, thus depriving a 
professional conductor of a weekly paid gig, while it's wrong to play for 
free and deprive a player from a paying gig?

David in Delta

At 09:46 10-03-03, David Story wrote:
>Yikes, what the heck, playing for free when the beers for sale. I could go 
>on but I won't.
>Free: I direct a big band of teenagers at a local high school as a 
>volunteer. 1 hour a week. Joy, excitement, and more is to be had, without 
>being had.
>David "no pay, no play" Story
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