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I think this "duality" only applies to video players sold in Europe or
the U.K.  Some time back I checked on one of these here in the U.S. and
was quoted a price upwards of $500--and it would have to be on "special
order."  The everyday ones do not come so equipped.

While on the subject, many of the old Ralph Gleason "Jazz Casual" shows
from PBS (ETV then) are now available on video.  Two, however, have
never appeared here:  the Turk Murphy show and the Muggsy Spanier show. 
However, they are available in Europe.  Anyone know when they might be
available here in the U.S?  (The European distributors do not.)


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> I assume you need a PAL version rather than an NTSC.
> I can get PAL and SECAM versions done, but it costs extra

Before spending extra doing this it is worth noting that
most modern video players will play both PAL & NTSC.

It relies on the fact that TVs will lock to either 25 or
30 frames per second video and the video player has the
necessary chips to decode either system.

I have successfully played NTSC videos on a pretty cheap
5 year old video player.

Andy Ling

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