[Dixielandjazz] Audience Participation..........."Yellow Dog Blues"

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Mon Mar 10 11:49:46 PST 2003

Hello Listmates,

I can attest personally to being a participent in the audience participation 
during the playing of the "Yellow Dog Blues"........Those of you who are 
musicians can advise us fans of the exact timing of the piece when the 
audience feels the need to rise up from their seats and flinging their arms 
high above them in a joyful expression of exeubrance (sp), accompanied by 
shouts of oooo's & ahaaaa's until they cannot remain standing and must return 
to the reality of unpadded chairs metallic or molded plastic.........until 
the next opportunity for a release of their pent up energy......a few bars 
later  in this very nice bluesy number. I would say in the performance of 
this number their would be about three or four opportunities for the fans to 
show off this "Special Skill" . Some musicians have actually had their "Front 
Line" back up during the performance fearing for their lives,thinking they 
would be attacked by frantic fans.........however by the second sequence of 
fan activity,the musicians have sensed the spirit of the moment and do their 
best to encourage the folks that buy the badges and the CD's and the "Beer" 
and everything else.......

I first became acquainted with the showmanship of this practice through the 
Jazz Society" back in the mid seventies when they were in attendence at the 
"Steamboat Days Jazz Festival in Burlington,Iowa.  It was a common occurence 
to request the playing of  "Yellow Dog Blues"   so we could just "Show Off"  
kind of like a"Second Line" for people who could not walk in the parade and 
carry a "Parasol"
I can remember Tommy Saunders's commenting during a performance of it 
What The Hell Was That"......Pee Wee Matese was playing on clarinet at the 
with Jerry Martin on string bass and others lost to my memory....oh yes Don 
Ingle was doing his thing on Valve trombone.........remember Don..........

Respectfully submitted by......Jazzman "Down Memory Lane" Joe
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