[Dixielandjazz] Sources of Gig Money

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Sun Mar 9 11:04:36 PST 2003

Perhaps only interesting for Band Leaders looking for gig money:

Barbone Street got it's first gig in the 1990s as a band organized to
play for a United States Equestrian Team sponsored CDE (horse and
carriage competition). A relatively new sport started by England's
Prince Philip after WW 2.

I had been one of the original event organizers, a monetary contributor
to, and competitor at the event when asked why not organize a jazz band
and donate that instead of the money? Sounded good to me.

Now, some 10 years later, the event has become the premier 3 day
Combined Driving Event (CDE) in the United States with 120 competitors
from all over North and Central America plus a few from further reaches
world wide.  And the band has prospered.

Just found out that there is GRANT MONEY available for these kinds of
things. (Event costs $165,000 hard cash to run each year, plus much free
service/material donated by sponsors).

Our county tourist board has made us aware that there is as much as
$25,000 available for events like this that draw tourists from outside
the county. So, we are for 2003, presenting a 3 day equestrian
competition, a one day dog trial, and will wonders never cease, A 3 Hour
Outdoor Jazz Concert by Barbone Street, to be radio broadcast live by
the local station.

Horse events like these, or other events, fairs, etc.,  occur every year
in almost every county in the USA. It may well be worth your time to go
out and see just what the grant money possibilities are. We wrote a band
proposal, highlighting the concert, and showing how we draw people from
outside the county into Chester County PA, as well as what our band fan
demographics are outside the county, within a 50 mile radius.

Right now it looks like the Band / Dogs / Horses event will get a grant
of $10,000.

Steve Barbone

PS. I still donate the band (paying the sidemen) in lieu of my former
cash donation, but we also get booked for 2 other parties at the event
which pay. And we have booked numerous other paying gigs from the gigs
we do at the horse show.

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