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> Case in point: I have been working for several years with a name big band 
> that is run by someone who can be cheap past intelligence. With this guy, 
> money can and does win out over musical quality. In the past year, there's 
> been this drummer in our genre who is also a farmer in a state hundreds of 
> miles from our area. This guy makes good money with his farm and also can 
> afford to be away from it for periods of time.
> He took a cruise from me that I should have played because he bribed his 
> way onto the gig by helping to sell several cabins for the cruise . . . 
> then played for zippo. Just took another cruise from me because he offered 
> to drive halfway across the US to the five day gig for free. Then he took 2 
> nights last weekend from me here in Wisconsin, because he offered to drive 
> up from Nebraska for free as a "vacation".
> Meanwhile, I've got two young girls I'm trying to keep in private school 
> and pay two mortgages, etc. etc.

   Bill...was this last line a joke?  You can't be paying for private shools 
and two mortgages as a musician.

   Jim Beebe
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