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> Can you imagine going to a Broadway show and hearing prerecorded
> synthesizers? 

Things have gone further in some case over here with the `Sing a long`

We have `Sing a long with Abba`. Sing along with The sound of music` etc 
touring and in the West end at the moment.
The shows are tremendous fun, if you are into that sort of thing, but really 
cheap to put on.
The ingredients are
)! Some actors who can learn the stage moves. They do not have to sing.
2)Some tatty wigs
3)Some even worse costumes
4) a bag of Accesories which is given to each member of the audience.
5) A tape of the songs to which the actors can mime Usually very badly.

In the case of the Abba show the accesories bag contains a roughly printed £5 
note. This is to be waved in the air during the performance of `Money,money`. 
A pair of printed cardboard dark glasses. Apparently this has some relevance 
to the words of another of their hits. Plus a few other gew gaws to be 
similarly employed.

There is also a competetion to select `A Dancing Queen` by popular applause.  
Participation is the name of the game. This nonsense is playing to packed 
houses complete with dancing and singing in the aisles. In fact a great time 
is had by all. But cheap, cheap, cheap!
This is the way to make money.


Ps.I happen to know all this because my sister was elected `Dancing Queen` in 
London last week. Now Peg is great fun, full of laughter , but at 71, 
`dancing queen` she aint. However she had the majority of the family with her 
in the secong row and their sustained applause was enough to get her elected. 
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