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> Dear Dave,
> Regarding: >.....and not necessarily the really old stuff...maybe 1940 -
> Why ever not?
> How the hell are we going to influence the 'kids' about playing jazz (I
mean the
> real stuff) if we do not take them back to the 1920s roots? They do not
have to
> copy it. Just absorb it. Like we did in the 1940s.
> The problem with jazz today is that the new (and some older) practitioners
> listening only to their immediate peers.
> Plenty of technique, but very little (if any) 'swing'.
> No 8>)sssss from me this time.
> I am serious.
> Kind regards,
> Bill.


To answer your question, "Why ever not?", I didn't need any suggestions on
the "really old stuff" because I believe I already know what "early" stuff
to tell young kids to listen to. I specified "1940-1990" because that's my
weakness -- I'm a little out of the loop there. Do you have any specific
listening suggestions for that period? Thanks.

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