[Dixielandjazz] Tips:

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 7 21:39:36 PST 2003

Jim Beebe wrote:

>Sorry Steve but you are not making any sense.  A tip to a band from a
>customer is not an employee bonus.  If the tip or money came from the
>owner that I guess it could be considered a bonus and not a tip.


Weren't you the one that asked:

>Would you solicit tips as an engineer or a businessman?

Who else would an engineer or a businessman solicit tips from except his
employer. I was just answering your question. Whether one gets a tip
from his audience, or his employer makes little difference as I see it.
I don't see any difference between a "tip" and/or a "bonus" other than
the name.

And speaking of that, we all seem to have forgotten all those tips bands
get from employers. Like we did about 15 weddings last year for some
good fees. We got tipped about 75% of the time, without asking. The top
tip to the band was for $600 from the father of one bride, who was, of
course, also our employer. That is not just sort of like an employee
bonus and/or tip, that is exactly an employee bonus, and/or a tip.

In addition to wedding bands, any band that does corporate gigs or
private parties also gets tips/bonuses a good percentage of the time.
The band leader is given the tip along with the check for the contracted
amount. If any of you are doing a lot of those gigs and you never see
any tip money, your leader may be swallowing it. Oops, did I say that
out loud?

Steve Barbone

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