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> Tipping bands in the UK is simply not done, thank goodness. They do not have
> the begging bowl mindset which, according to recent posts on the subject,
> appears to be the normal thing with American outfits. Here in England a gig
> is offered and if the money is acceptable to the bandleader the gig is
> taken, if the money is not acceptable the gig is turned down. Apart from CD
> sales no attempt to extract further financial reward in respect of that gig
> is made, indeed the proprietor of the venue would probably be very annoyed
> if the musicians he hired solicited his customers for money. The band
> concerned would probably never work there again.

Very well put, John.  No, soliticing tips is not the norm here although that 
may be changing.  We have a very degrading phenomena here now called the 
street musician.  This creeps set up shop anywhere on the street in a large 
city or in the train station and proceed to bleet on their sax or guitar, 
openly soliciting moeny with their cases open and a 'begging' bowl in place.  
Why the police let this go on is a mystery.

Most every class club that I have worked would not allow a tip jar.  I 
usually like to have a 'disrete' tip jar, depending on what the club was 
paying. tips divided up would often at least provide some gas money. If it 
was a bit on the low side I would find ways to mention contributions.  I"ve 
had some rows about this with clubs but they usually relented when I pointed 
out that it was a convenience to customers who did want to leave a tip 
without being obvious about it.

> England does not have a monopoly on underpaid bands, they exist all over the
> world.
True.. most cetainly a world wide situation.

> The notion that "there would be no OKOM in England if management had to pay
> a decent wage to all those Dixieland bands working in clubs" is nonsense. 
> It
> suggests that the survival of OKOM here is dependent upon bands being 
> poorly
> paid, which taken to its logical conclusion means that if management could
> not pay a decent wage (whatever that is) and as a consequence all British
> jazz clubs closed down tomorrow, OKOM would disappear from our shores. Next
> we shall be hearing that the moon is made of green cheese.
> Practically all the British jazz musicians I know play primarily because
> they love their music, money is of secondary importance to them, they do 
> not
> allow the acquisition of money to become their reason for living. Long may
> it remain so.
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