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> The implication here is that the running of the large number of jazz clubs 
> in 
> the UK is a professional activity on the part of the promoters and this is 
> certainly not the case. a very large number of the jazz venues in the UK 
> are 
> clubs run by amatuers, often committees, who put on jazz events in local 
> pubs 
> and other venues because of their love of the music and certainly not to 
> make 
> any money. The musicians get paid, not always large sums of money, but 
> these 
> promoters generally get nothing at all and usually have to take the risk if 
> the audience fails to materialise. I'm sure that the great majority of jazz 
> club organisers pay the bands as much as they can manage but it all depends 
> on the size of the venue, and some are very small, what the audience is 
> prepared to pay, what can be raised through a raffle and if the pub 
> landlord 
> is prepared to cough up a contribution towards the band. The jazz punters 
> in 
> the UK expect their jazz to be cheap and will resist higher entrance prices 
> by simply not attending. 
This is just about the same situation here in the USA

> There is also the strange situation where under British licensing laws you 
> are not allowed to charge admission to a public bar in a pub!

   that is weird.  What does a club like Ronnie Scotts do for money to pay 
for the expensive groups they bring in?

> Norwich,
> U.K.
> Whilst in New York the week before last I had breakfast in the hotel and 
> the 
> menu stated that a gratuity of 15% would be automatically added to the 
> bill. 
> When I was brought the bill to sign I noticed that the 'tip' was added as 
> they stated but there was also a space for me to add a further tip for the 
> waiter and another for the man in a suit who showed us to our table. You've 
> got to be joking! I just paid for the meal, the sales tax and the added 
> gratuity.

   I believe that an 'automatic tip-gratuity' is fairly rare.  More often 
there is a space where the customer can write in a tip if the bill is being 
charged to a credit card.

   Tips for waiters and waitresses, bartenders etc. are common as it is 
widely known that they are paid a bare minimum wage and depend on tips for 
their income.  Many people have worked in these occupations at one time in 
their life and so are sympathetic.

  *Musical content  'Pennies from Heaven'   by Bing Crosby with verse,

   Jim Beebe
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