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> Re Tips: My 2 cents on tips is that there is nothing wrong with them.
> Don't see  anything wrong with a tip jar either. Most piano bars in
> existence have an active tip jar for requests. Preservation Hall posts a
> "request fee" sheet, etc. Bands have received tips for requests since
> the beginning.

 Actually, to request a tune from a band and not attempt > to tip is gauche as 
> I see it. 

Gauche?  I can only conclude that Steve Barbone operates in a different 
musical universe.  I never expected a tip for a request and I never worked 
with a bandleader who did.   

I never would have insulted Jack teagarden or any jazz great by offering a 
tip with a request.  A discrete tip jar is ok at a certain level where the 
guy s aren't making that much and I have to admit to shamelessly focusing 
attention on the tip jar on some of my gigs.

JIm Beebe

Unless the leader or a band member
> specifically asks for requests from the audience. Personally, we refuse
> tips from band followers whom we see regularly, but do accept them from
> strangers. The regulars do insist on buying drinks etc., however, which
> we accept..

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