[Dixielandjazz] Tips, "Death of Jazz", Yellow Dog Blues

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 6 12:44:16 PST 2003

Re Tips: My 2 cents on tips is that there is nothing wrong with them.
Don't see  anything wrong with a tip jar either. Most piano bars in
existence have an active tip jar for requests. Preservation Hall posts a
"request fee" sheet, etc. Bands have received tips for requests since
the beginning. Actually, to request a tune from a band and not attempt
to tip is gauche as I see it. Unless the leader or a band member
specifically asks for requests from the audience. Personally, we refuse
tips from band followers whom we see regularly, but do accept them from
strangers. The regulars do insist on buying drinks etc., however, which
we accept..

Re Death of Jazz: IMO playing jazz to the audience is like making love
to a women. "If they don't get no satisfaction, you ain't doin it
right."  Do it right and jazz will never die. (And you'll never run out
of women either) However the reviews are written makes little
difference, because reader interpret them differently from musicians..

Re Yellow Dog Blues: The rising out of chairs and waving arms in the air
has been in existence here in the Eastern USA since the 1980s, and maybe
sooner. I noticed it when I started to visit local clubs here in the
Philadelphia area from about 1985 on.  Could very well have been
happening sooner. Maybe it started with the "wave" at sports arenas?

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