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> Jim Beebe writes about the Marsalis review in the New York Times
>   >With pretentious blather like this review, no wonder jazz is in
> trouble.
>   >" The music gushed over the audience"

I saw and greatly enjoyed the show on PBS and recorded it for my future 
enjoyment, and believe me I'm a moldy fig musician.  If we think of jazz as 
not being static, this was a revealing window into the future.  It was 
definitely not a recreation of the early sounds, but took off from it.  Had I 
been there, I would have been "gushed".  

Amazing that the kid brother playing drums was praised by all of the rest as 
the most musical of the bunch...could be hype, but I don't think so.  His 
drumming was quite musical and not pretentious like Krupa would have been.  
Then I was amazed to see Harry Connick, Jr as the only non-family member on 
the show.  I like Harry as well, both singing and playing and have several of 
his CD's after my (then) teenaged daugher dragged me to a concert.  Harry is 
to some degree been a focal point for the resurgence of the swing dance fad 
and has moved away from that on to other funky sounds, and now back to 
NO...the guy amazes me and he was amazed by his teacher's family.  

Obviously, the show was a bit self-grandizing for the Marsalis family, but 
how many whole families have taken to music and jazz as totally as they have. 
 OK..Teagarden in the early days and Mangione (Chuck and Gap) in the 1970's.  
Do DJMLers have any other family suggestions?  

Bud Taylor
Smugtown Stompers
Rochester, NY
Traditional Jazz since 1958
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