[Dixielandjazz] Song Needed: Go Back Where You Stayed Last Night

Burt Wilson futurecon at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 5 23:21:12 PST 2003

I believe you will find that Kid Ory's version is the most well-known,
especially because Ory does some fine slide harmony around the lead.
Burt Wilson
Silver Dollar Jazz Band
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  Seems I recall some recent discourse on Go Back Where You Stayed Last

  Anyone have a leadsheet and chord chart they can share?   Also looking for
an MP3 file of Turk's band doing this or someelse who has recorded the song.
What is the earliest known recording of it?  Boy, am I full of questions!

  Bud Taylor
  Smugtown Stompers
  Rochester, NY
  Traditional Jazz since 1958

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