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Dear Rae Ann,
Bix Beiderbecke's death certificate is quite clear - he died of lobar pneumonia without any contributory causes. Delirium tremens (DTs) is a severe alcohol withdrawal syndrome. What Bix was
drinking before he died, if anything, is unclear. The account in the book by Sudhalter and Evans contains several inconsistencies. The Evans and Evans report is more accurate but still suggests
that DT's played a part in Bix's death. I describe details of this, and of other myths about Bix's death and medical history, in seven pages of my book, "Jazz and Death, Medical Profiles of Jazz
Greats". My summation reads "Bix Beiderbecke died from lobar pneumonia. Anything beyond that is speculation". Incidentally, this is followed by the medical profile of another famous alcoholic "B"
trumpeter, Bunny Berigan. These are only two of some 100 jazz musicians I deal with. Amazon.com has some reviews, and offers my book at a 30% discount of $24.50 ". Regards.

RAHBerry at aol.com wrote:

> Dr.Fred and listmates:
> Does anyone have any details about Bix's death?  I've read that he died of pneumonia, but Richard Sudhalter reported that he died while having DT's, after "white-knuckling" getting off alcohol.
> Please advise.
> Rae Ann
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