[Dixielandjazz] Re: All-star (nonsense) bands

LeslieMRag at aol.com LeslieMRag at aol.com
Tue Mar 4 19:18:27 PST 2003

Hi, Listmates:

One of the favorite diversions here at The Mississippi Rag is to put together 
all-star nonsense bands. Not long ago Joe Klee and I put together a "Creep" 
band and laughed at the vision we had of various crabby musicians trying to 
agree on a tune to play. Fortunately, it's easier to put together a "Nice 
Guy" band--lots of musicians who qualify for that. Or pick a state....Ohio, 
for example, has lots of choices for a quality band made up of musicians who 
originally hailed from that state.

And a reminder--there's a new poll on the RAG's web site 
(www.mississippirag.com), so vote if you haven't done so already! We're doing 
blues singers, and poor Mama Yancey doesn't have any votes yet. (Bessie is 
cleaning up.)

Leslie Johnson
editor at mississippirag.com OR
lesliemrag at aol.com
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