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Bill Haesler bhaesler at nsw.bigpond.net.au
Tue Mar 4 09:59:49 PST 2003

Dear John,
Albert Ammons "Mecca Flat Blues" (8 April 1939) was indeed inspired by Jimmy
Blythe's piano solo "Lovin's Been Here And Gone To Mecca Flat" (May 1926) which
was also recorded, as "Mecca Flat Blues" by singer Priscilla Stewart (Aug 1924)
with piano accompaniment by Jimmy Blythe. 
The theme is the same, but Ammons certainly gives a masterful interpretation.
By sheer coincidence, Steve Barbone just posted a comment about singer Claire
Austin's CD. This contains a version of "Mecca Flat Blues" (with Kid Ory/Don
Ewell/Ed Garland/Minor Hall, 2 April 1954) based on the Priscilla Stewart
Record label composer credits I have are:
"Mecca Flat Blues" by singer Priscilla Stewart (J Blythe & A Robinson).
"Lovin's Been Here And Gone To Mecca Flat" by Jimmy Blythe
"Mecca Flat Blues" by Albert Ammons (unknown). Which I presume means that there
is no composer credit on the original Solo Art 78 disc.
"Mecca Flat Blues" by Claire Austin (Blythe-Robinson).
I see no reason to doubt the Anderson Fake Book credit as James Blythe, Steve
Graham and Alexander Robinson, which probably came from the sheet music.  
Kind regards,
PS: Yes, I have all of the records mentioned above and have just played them,
along with your fine 'midi' (which I note gives Blythe, and 2 unnamed others,
composer credit).
PPS: According to my files Mecca Flat was a stately 4 storey Chicago apartment
building at 31st and State Streets. It was run down by the 1920s and demolished
in 1950.
Once again, more than you needed to know.

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