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I gleaned this from the TPIN list...modern jazz trumpet players, and
classical musicians...
Bob Romans
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Nobody's mentioned Bix, interestingly. I wonder what the Herbert L.Clarke
would be like using his fingering system. ;)

My $0.02 -- play everything you can, as well as you can, and don't get hung
up on labels.

       Interesting! I gave a Bix record to a friend of mine recently and a
transcription of Bix's solo from "Singin the Blues". A week later he came
back saying "That stuff is HARD!"  Bix was a special case.
       I agree with your comment on labels.
       Actually I argue with my friends that Jazz doesn't really exist. It's
a "Critics Construct". I can never figure out what is or isn't "Jazz". For
example, Why is Bix's solo on "I'm Comin' Virginia" one of the great solos
jazz while any number of Big Band solos, including things by Artie Shaw,
Tommy Dorsey, and Harry James are just "commercial garbage". Remember Bix
and Tram
were playing an arrangement and trying to make a buck just like the others.
Only because some self appointed critics say so, that's why. It is that fact
that drove lots of musicians nuts trying to figure out what to play to be


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