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If you play in a 17 piece band, pick up a transcription of the Ellington 
version of Peanut Vendor from Jazz at Lincoln Center's on line Essentially 
Ellington library.  It is a transcription of a super recording, and it's 
n-i-c-e to play.

DAvid in Delta

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>>Frequently the chart would begin with saxes, not the rhythm section alone.
>>Sometimes it started with the trombones. Sometimes with both sections. It
>>all depended on the time and the place .   .   .   and the players. Stan
>>would kick this off, and we never really knew what was about to happen. In
>>later years, the trombones even fragmented the vamp."
>>There is more but the above will give you the general idea of the problems
>>to expect when attempting to play this wonderful chart.
>>John Farrell
>    Thanks for your research on the "Peanut Vendor", John.   The original 
> as recorded on Capitol records is the definitive version.  The trombone 
> solo, I believe, was by Milt Bernhart.  The original version had the 
> rhythm just right.  Subsequent versions underwent a lot of tinkering and 
> this great arrangement lost its effectiveness.
>   Jim Beebe
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