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In a message dated 2/28/03 1:56:51 AM Central Standard Time, Jazzjerry 

> This is not posted to the DJML
> You are in cloud cuckoo land and the racist views you express are 
> completely contemptible. 
> I have no time for any organisation that murders in the advancement of 
> their religious views be it Islamic fundamentalist groups or the American 
> 'Christian' fundamentalists who kill doctors who perform abortions but to 
> think that this war will do anything to reduce the amount of terrorism in 
> the world is unfortunately simply laughable. Every small time fanatic will 
> be encouraged by the likes of Bin Laden and his supporters who are dotted 
> about all over the world (probably many hundreds in the USA!) to see Bush's 
> attack on Iraq as an attack on their religion and will retaliate in the 
> worst way possible.
> I could go on but it would be obviously pointless given you inherent 
> established bigotry.
> Jerry

   It is interesting that Jerry is much more polite when he posts on the 
List.  Off list, I am a bigot and "completely contemptible."

   Sadly, Jerry has forgotten what appeasement and delay have done for 
England in the past.

    Jim Beebe

    *Musical content..."Onward Christian Soldiers"
                       ( just kidding)
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