[Dixielandjazz] Why France does not back the US in War withIraq

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> No doubt some of you will want to have a go at me over my views and I will 
> be delighted to have some correspondence with anyone. Nothing I like more 
> than a good argument, but off list please. 
> Cheers

   "off list please"....no, you posted this on the List.  I won't even try to 
answer this except to mention how the Brits handled the Moslem fanatics in 
the 1800s.   

    The Madhi ( The Expected One) came out of the desert with hordes of 
programmed "Believers" to kill all 'Infidels' ( unbelievers)  They took over 
the Sudan and General Gordon rushed in to save Khartoum.  He organized the 
city as best he could while begging the Prime Minister and England for help 
and troops.  England stalled and delayed and by the time they sent out some 
help, it was too late.  The 'Believers' overran Khartoum and massacred 
everyone, including General Gordon.

   The problem now, Pat, is that the 'Believers' have fancier weapons with 
which to massacre the 'unbelievers.'   It is known that they are plotting and 
funding within Mosques in Britain and France.  A recent report showed that 
huge sums of money are pouring into French Mosques from Arab countries to 
fund terrorism.

   We learned our lesson in World War II and had a refresher on sept. 11. We 
hope to never sit around again and wait to be attacked.  We can't afford to 
and you are a fool if you think that your country is somehow immune.

   Respectfully,     Jim Beebe

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