[Dixielandjazz] Titans Pottsville, PA

Mike Johnson mike at washboards.com
Wed Feb 26 06:16:46 PST 2003

Someone recently asked about an album they had found by the Titans from
Pottsville or Pottstown, Pa.

I accidently deleted the message, and do not remember who requested the

I have a 10" record album by a group called the Titans.  Don't know if
it is the same group/record or not.

The one I have is titled Mad Melodies featuring the Titans of the Hill

Recorded 1951/52.

Songs are:
That's a Plenty
Farewell Blues
Muskrat Ramble
After You've Gone
As Long As I Live
Sweet Georgia Brown

The band was formed in 1951 by Dan Titus   drums and included:

Fred Waring II    trombone
Al Hayes                cornet
Mike Mallory        guitar
Jon Logan            clarinet
Bruce Carrick     sax
The liner notes are not very clear as to whether this recording had Dan
Titus or Pete Helmintoller on drums.

I talked to Al Hayes last night.  Al said the Hill School was in
Pottstown, Pa so hopefully this is the same group.

Mike Johnson
Washboards International

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