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Actually it was Ernest Loring (Red) Nichols. As was Ernest Jansen (Red)
Ingle. Both the Reds were long time friends and kidded eachother about their
A little comic relief ought to help sell the band,eh?
Don Ingle
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> For years I've toyed with the idea of an interesting-name all-star band.
> These would be real names, not obvious nicknames like Pops Foster, Fud
> Livingston, Howdy Quicksell, Miff Mole, Turk Murphy.
> Clarinet: Albany (Barney) Bigard
> Trombone: DePriest Wheeler
> Piano: Hartzell (Tiny) Parham
> Banjo: Silas Cluke
> Bass: Wellman Braud
> Drums: Dash Burkis (he recorded with Wingy Manone; this may be my all-time
> favorite name, and I included it even though it's probably a nickname)
> Vocalist: Hoagland Carmichael
> I've saved trumpet/cornet for last, because it's really a section:
> Leon Bismarck Beiderbecke
> Langston Curl
> Loring (Red) Nichols
> Chelsea Quealy
> Cladys (Jabbo) Smith
> Lucius Watters
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> Maurie Walker said :
> "Another was Singleton Palmer's band.  And I seem to recall that trumpeter
>  Dewey Jackson un-retired and re-retired several times in the late
> What on earth inspires parents to give their children such peculiar names?
> I'm having great difficulty imagining Mr. and Mrs. Palmer cooing over
> newborn while leafing through a book of baby names.  Mr. Palmer grunts,
> throws the book on the fire, then turns to his adoring wife and says, "I
> don't like any of 'em - let's call him Singleton". Same goes for names
> Kermit Ruffins, Thelonius Sphere Monk (oh my God, what have I said? It
> ignite more Barbone bent note diatribes), while Dewey calls Donald Duck's
> nephew to mind.
> John Farrell
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