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Bill Crist said :

"While going through some of my Stan Kenton albums to find the arranger
 for Peanut Vendor ( it shows Kenton as the arranger)"

I thought that it might have been Pete Rugolo. In fact we are both right -
I've just dug out the Kenton full big band score which says "Composed by
Moises Simons, arranged by Stan Kenton and Pete Rugolo".

The chart is written in concert D and for the rhythm section is a piece of
cake - the same two bars are repeated over and over throughout the piece.
Likewise for saxes and bones (except for the soloist, who has a pretty tough
part). The trumpets, all five of 'em, are called upon to do some spectacular
work and are certainly the stars of this superb version.

The publisher's notes are interesting :

"The most difficult thing about getting this piece into print was that it
was never played the same way twice! The many different recordings will
attest to the fact that the chart evolved in many different ways over the

In respect to the trumpet section entrances, the lead trumpet player usually
cued the section when to play.

Frequently the chart would begin with saxes, not the rhythm section alone.
Sometimes it started with the trombones. Sometimes with both sections. It
all depended on the time and the place .   .   .   and the players. Stan
would kick this off, and we never really knew what was about to happen. In
later years, the trombones even fragmented the vamp."

There is more but the above will give you the general idea of the problems
to expect when attempting to play this wonderful chart.

John Farrell
stridepiano at tesco.net

You might like to know that I got the chart from Sierra Music Publications,
PO Box 543, Liberty Lake, WA 99019 (they have a website but I do not know
the URL, Google will find it for you). Sierra's catalog is pretty impressive
and includes a number of other Kenton things such as All The Things You Are,
Concerto To End All Concertos, Opus In Pastels,September Song, Street Of
Dreams etc. etc.

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> While going through some of my Stan Kenton albums to find the arranger
> for Peanut Vendor ( it shows Kenton as the arranger)> Bill Crist
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