[Dixielandjazz] Latin Influence

william crist mensa-1 at webtv.net
Tue Feb 25 09:41:23 PST 2003

While going through some of my Stan Kenton albums to find the arranger
for Peanut Vendor ( it shows Kenton as the arranger) ,   I was struck by
the amount of songs he recorded that had a Latin influence.
An album called "A Concert InProgressive Jazz" has several such as
"elegy for alto"-"Cuban Carnival"-"Introduction to a Latin Rhythm" and
several others.

Another album "The Lighter Side" has "His Feet Too Big For De
Bed"-Tortillas and Beans"-Down in Chihuahua" -"And The Bull Walked
Around All Day,Olay."
This album is also the one that has "Hot Canary" and "Blues in

Not OKOM but interesting how he seemed to be influenced by Latin

Bill Crist

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