[Dixielandjazz] Don Ingle oneups France and surrenders.

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> Jim Beebe wrote:
> >Don Ingle has had the effrontery to suggest that the trombone is the
> easiest instrument to play. <

I might have had the effbehintery as well, but I was facing the wrong
> direction. My point was in regard to the rather amazing "fast study" of
> Randy Reinhardt in his short time of mastering the trombone enough to work
> with the demanding level of the Jim Cullum band as he did.
> Any instrument requires both time and talent, but in his case, the time was
> so short as to make one wonder at how he achieved it.
> As for unique differences between trombonists, it exists between valve bone
> players as well. Example - Frank Orchard with some of the Commadore/Condon
> gang sides was different in sound than Brad Gowans, as were Bob Evoladsen
> (sp) and Juan Tizol.

 I respect all trombonists, especially one James Beebe,
> so order arms, marine, this is one "war" I'll skip.
> Don Ingle
    Oh, come on Don, let's duke it out.  I say the valve trombone sucks.

   Jim Beebe
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