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> There were a number of bands playing regularly in the 50's. Red Nichols was
> active then. Eddie Skrivanic' Sextette from Hunger; Ted Vesley's JB; Pee 
> Wee
> Hunt toured the club circuit;  and I worked for awhile on the Original
> Saints and Sinners Jazz Band with Darnell Howard and Jimmy Archey (Barrett
> Deems for a awhile on the band before he joined Louis.) 
   Don: I'm pretty sure that Barrett Deems was on the Saints and Sinners 
after he was with Louis.  Barrett was with Muggsy before louis.
When were the S & S in action?  I Remember when Barrett was with them that 
Norm Murphy was on trumpet and Vic Dickenson on trombone.  Were you on this 
before Murphy?

  JIm Beebe
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