[Dixielandjazz] Bands in the 1950's

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There were a number of bands playing regularly in the 50's. Red Nichols was
active then. Eddie Skrivanic' Sextette from Hunger; Ted Vesley's JB; Pee Wee
Hunt toured the club circuit;  and I worked for awhile on the Original
Saints and Sinners Jazz Band with Darnell Howard and Jimmy Archey (Barrett
Deems for a awhile on the band before he joined Louis.) Fatha Hines had a
good band at the Hangover in Frisco; Scobey was going - so was the Castle
Jazz Band. Charlie Teagarden  moved to Vegas and worked with Bill Harris in
a wonderful five piece group at the Silver Slipper on into the early 60's.
Santa Pecora in N.O.; Kid Ory active in L.A. with a band at the Beverly
I woked opposite the original Cell Block Seven in Dallas in '55 when with
the Ted Weems orchestra -- they played intermission at a big trade show we
did there. Tommy Loy and I
 sorted out that memory in Davenport in '73 when we again worked opposite in
groups there at the Bix fest.
Freddie "Schnicklefritz" Fisher worked in Aspen, CO in the 50's (I
worked with him in winter of '59-60, with his son King on cornet (who
emigrated to OZ a year later and is still there).
So many bands, so little time to hear them all -- but grateful for what
share I got.
Don Ingle

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> DJML--
>     OK, folks, since we have been having a moment of silence that has
gotten out of hand, here's something to think about: what OKOM bands were
active and well-known in the 1950's?  I'm not talking about individual
players, but BANDS, and preferably nationally or internationally known ones.
Ready?  Here's a few, and what are some others?  I'm only going to list a
few of the ones i know about as a starter, but i have lots i won't mention
yet.  Think about who was appearing on TV, in nightclubs, and also what
bands were fairly well known in a particular city or region or state or
country. (Now, just 'cause i don't mention a band, don't think i don't know
about them; i want to have people submit names.)
> Dukes of Dixieland (Assuntos)
> Firehouse Five Plus Two
> Al Hirt
> Turk Murphy
> Jack Teagarden
> Bob Scobey
> Wilbur De Paris
> Boll Weevil
> Louis Armstrong
> Original Salty Dogs
> Lu Watters
> Eddie Condon
> Chris Barber
> Dan
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