[Dixielandjazz] slide, froggy, slide

James Kashishian kash at ran.es
Sun Feb 23 23:24:30 PST 2003

There have been some comments on the slide trombone, in particular that
maybe it is simple to play as it is a very basic horn.  Actually, it HAS
been around since the 14th century, and would seem to be an easy gig.
No clever valves, keys, etc., to have to fool with.  Just a simple
slide.  Wow!

Truth is, though, if you've ever tried to teach a student the slide
trombone, you'll soon see how wrong that assumption is.  Take note that
air flow must be stopped by the tongue at exactly the moment that the
slide is moved, and that this can be either legato or
staccato...depending on the tongue effect, otherwise you get a
slur.........and, you will see the difficulty for the student.
No other wind instrument requires this perfect timing between airflow &
changing the note.  Push the key/valve...you get a note change.  Not on
the trombone.  Don't get it right, you get a slur.  That's fine, if
that's what you want, but 99% of the time a slur is not the desired

Gobs & gobs of saxophonists out there.....very, very few notable
trombonists!  Wonder why?


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