[Dixielandjazz] Charlie's take on drummers

Charlie Hooks charliehooks at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 23 13:36:01 PST 2003

on 2/23/03 11:06 AM, Bill Biffle at bbiffle at swcp.com wrote:

> Then,
> mid-week brought on board our "guest celebrity", Bobby Rydell*.  And with
> him came his "musical director", a drummer.  This gentleman - the drummer -

    Oddly enough, I know them both, one very well.  The drummer/music
director is from Chicago, a fine player and wonderful guy named Dave Kovnat
(that's his spelling, not a mistake.)  I used to hire him regularly when he
was in town and not out with Bobby.  And when I had two of the house bands
at Dick's Last Resort, Dave brought Bobby over to sit-in on drums, which he
loves to do and seldom gets a chance.  He is not at all the player that he
is a singer, but I've played with much worse: you could use him on a gig and
get by just fine.  Also as nice and unassuming a guy as you could imagine.
The crowd recognized him and pled for a song.  He did several while Dave
went back on drums.  Very family oriented, according to Dave, who has been
with him for years.  No monkey business on the road; can't wait to get home
to his wife--clearly would never make a musician... ;-)

    Dave Kovnat, right alongside Bobby, is a good friend and a cheerful
competent guy who plays very well, indeed.  I always enjoy using him, and I
think Jim Beebe feels the same.  I'm going to forward your letter to him:
he'll be pleased (though probably not surprised).


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