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Hans Koert koerthchkz at zeelandnet.nl
Sun Feb 23 08:51:29 PST 2003

Knowing the interests of this group, I think you're ready to listen to the
music of the Beau Hunks, a Dutch "retro" orchestra that re-recorded the
tunes from the 1930s Paul Whiteman "Soctette", the Raymond Scott
inheritance and the film music composed by Hal Roach and Leroy Shields. The
recordings are to be found on Basta Records. Go to www.bastamusic.com  and
to www.beauhunks.com to get more information about them. The music, but also
the liner notes will give you much
information about their music.

Last week I purchased their new CD of the "Beau Hunks Saxophone Soctette", a
remake of the Paul Whiteman's Soctette of the late 1930s. The CD is called
"Contrasts" and contains 18 novelty tunes from composers like Art Kassel,
Frank Trumbauer, Zez Confrey, Bix Beiderbecke, Louis Alter, Rudy Wiedoeft,
George Gershwin, Merle Johnston and Raymond Scott. Also to Dutch 1930s
composers Jack Bulterman and Jaap Valkhoff are re-recorded. The four sides
made by the Merle Johnston Quartet are now all four re-recorded; if you are
familiar with these recordings you know what you can expect on this album.
This "Contrasts" album is their second with remakes of the "Soctette" sound
of the late 1930s. Their first CD is called "Beau Hunks Saxophone Sctette".
I have the following CDs in my collection - so not a complete "discography",
but ......

cd beau hunks/laurel-hardy-1   92  msa
cd beau hunks/laurel-hardy-2   93  msa
cd beau hunks/on to the show   94-95  koch
cd beau hunks quintette/manhattan   96 30-9036 basta
cd beau hunks saxophone soctette   97-98 30-9089 basta
cd beau hunks saxophone soctette/contrasts 2002 30-9128 basta
cd beau hunks/edward mcdowell's woodland sketches   96 30-9038 basta
cd beau hunks/ferde grofé   97 30-9083 basta
cd metropole orchestra featuring the beau hunks saxtette/the chesterfield
arrangements 1937-38 99 EW 9950 vpro
cd al gallodoro with the beau hunks/out of nowhere   99 30-9092 basta
cd beau hunks & the metropole o/our relations   2000 30-9102 basta
cd metropole o-beau hunks/kodachrome   2001 30-9118 basta
vd beau hunks/play the original laurel and hardy music live in tuschinski
amsterdam   92 2030  movie select

Keep swinging

Hans Koert

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