Re: [Dixielandjazz] si tu vois ma mère / Language offense

Charlie Hull charlie at
Sat Feb 22 07:48:58 PST 2003

I have to disagree with you on this one, Tito.

The French may be an exception, but I think people are more often amused
than offended by someone's phoneticly learned vocalizations.  We've had
foreign bands coming to the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee for decades, and they
often have singers who don't speak English but sing songs which they've
learned phoneticly from jazz recordings.  They do it with feeling and no
one's offended because they're murdering 'our' language.

I've learned Italian and Spanish lyrics to popular tunes and sing them at
dances.  While some laughed at my attempts at their language, none have ever
appeared angry or offended.  It's all in fun for entertainment.

I've quit worrying about being politically correct all the time.  Too many
people are harboring anger and just looking for something to be offended by
so they can vent their anger.  I avoid them.

Charlie Hull

P.S.  K Street Ramblers is including your 'Hot One!' in our Jubilee tune
list.  It's a fun number. We love it.  We'll announce you as composer, and
if we get any tips we'll share with you.  Let's see; 25 cents split eight
ways is.....

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