[Dixielandjazz]si tu vois ma mère

tito martino tmartino at terra.com.br
Thu Feb 20 13:15:28 PST 2003

Jan Nichols wrote:

<<Can anyone out there in cyberland help me with a copy of the FRENCH
to Si Tu Vois Ma Mere?  A fan of ours has dared me to sing it in

Jack Thomas answered:

<<Hey Jan--Do it in "Faux French" ala Eddie Erickson with C'est Ci Bon.
See if your fan 
picks up on it!!>>

Sorry, Jack, why falsify and despise other people's cultural heritage?
Can easily be interpreted as being ignorance or arrogance.   :-) 
Americans certainly don't need these labels, especially at present
circumstances. To learn another language increases our narrow vision of
our Planet.  And our Planet is bigger than most people think, certainly.
To any mediocre citizen it's easy to learn by heart a couple dozen words
and its correct pronunciation. Don't hurts!  :-) 

Trés amicalement du Brésil (we speak Portuguese!) :-)

Tito Martino
Clarinet, sop. Sax
Tito Martino Jazz Band   

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