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Mike Meddings mike at monrovia.screaming.net
Thu Feb 20 21:45:42 PST 2003

Hello all,

The Jelly Roll Morton website has been updated tonight with an article,
which must rank as one of the rarest Ragtime newspaper items ever.

Alan Wallace sends an article from The St. Louis Palladium, dated Saturday,
27th February 1904 titled "The Rose Bud Ball."

The article mentions pianists, Louis Chauvin, Charles Warfield, Tom Turpin,
Joe Jordan and many others who Jelly recalled on the Library of Congress
recordings and in Lomax's "Mister Jelly Roll."

To put the article into context with Jelly, Peter Hanley has added a

Anyone with an interest in both Morton and Ragtime, should read this rare
and fascinating item.   It can be accessed from the "updated pages" box at


and clicking on "Jelly Roll Morton"

Coming soon : Butch Thompson on J. Lawrence Cook.

Musically yours


mike at monrovia.screaming.net

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