[Dixielandjazz] Songs With Similar Chord Changes

Michael Woitowicz banjobarons at nconnect.net
Fri Feb 14 11:25:23 PST 2003

Regarding the issue of two songs with the same chord changes, many times
we've played "5 Foot 2" along with Please "Don't Talk About Me When I'm

We've also done "Bill Bailey" played (and sung) simultaneously with "Bourbon
Street Parade." The Bill Bailey Chord pattern is very common -- e.g., the
last part of Tiger Rag has the same pattern. There are probably many more.

Mike Woitowicz
The Banjo Barons Ragtime Band
The Dixie Barons Dixieland Band
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> Folks--
>     Remember the male singing-duo Sandler and Young (i think it was Tony
Sandler and Ralph Young)?  Sometimes they would sing two songs with the same
chord-changes but different melodies, at the same time (sometimes in
different languages), and it was occasionally residually amusing.
>     Have you (or has any band) ever done that with two dixieland-tunes
(playing, not singing)?
>     Dan
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