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Thu Feb 13 02:36:55 PST 2003

Hi all,

Regarding the lyrics to the song "You Make Me Feel So Young" Patrick writes:

>I guess I was thinking of the lyric....You make me feel so young, you make
>me feel like spring has sprung....
>How come song writers can get away with that stuff??

If we required lyrics to be grammatically correct rather than simply 
colloquial expressions we'd be in a heap o' hurt!

I'll start with

1. "Is you is or is you ain't my baby?" Grammatically this is most 
appropriately rendered "Are you or are you not my significant other?"

There are countless trad tunes with titles and/or lyrics which are wildly 
agrammatic (how's that for an "on the spot" coined word?) which, when 
translated into standard English, would seem somewhat amusing.

May I invite the submission of grammatically incorrect titles and/or lyrics 
along with their "correct" renditions . . .

"Ain't misbehavin'"  = "I'm not acting Inappropriatly"

"I ain't gonna tell nobody" = "I won't tell anyone"

"Who can I turn to?" = "Whom can I turn to?"


Respectfully requested,

Bill "I is grammatically correct" Gunter
jazzboard at hotmail

ps. While I was writing this post, I was listening to a CD on my Windows 
Media Player. My wife, the lovely and charming Beverly, stuck her head in 
the door and said "What's that noise?" I responded "That's Beethoven's sixth 


additional ps. Just because it's grammatically incorrect don't mean it ain't 

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