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Dick Miller Dick_Miller at pmug.org
Wed Feb 12 15:17:14 PST 2003

For Sale: LPs for lovers of traditional jazz and Dixieland. Listed
alphabetically by artist name (first, last).

All records are in excellent condition. Most jackets are in good to
excellent condition; some have slight moisture damage. Prices range from
$3 (for those with damaged jackets) to $6 per disk. Discounts for quantity
buys. If interested, contact Dick Miller at (503) 672-7914 (Beaverton, OR)
or email at dick_millerATpmugDOTorg (swap characters for capitalized


“Big” Tiny Little (with Pete Fountain): Mr. New Orleans Meets Mr. Honky

Al Hirt: Swingin’ Dixie, Vol. 3; Al Hirt’s Jazz Band Ball.

Banu Gibson and the New Orleans Hot Jazz Orchestra: Jazz Baby; Spreading
Rhythm Around.

Bay City Jazz Band: The Bay City Jazz Band.

Bent Persson’s London Stompers: Livin’ High.

Bix Beiderbecke: The Bix Beiderbecke Story; The Bix Beiderbecke Story,
Vol. 2: Bix and Tram; The Bix Beiderbecke Story, Vol. 3: Whiteman Days;
Bix Beiderbecke and the Wolverines; Bix Beiderbecke and the Chicago
Cornets (2 disks).

Bob Wilber, Kenny Davern: Soprano Summit; Soprano Summit II.

Butch Thompson: Trio West; Little Wonder; Live From St. Paul.

Chicago Rhythm: Chicago Rhythm; Caution Blues; ‘Round Evening.

Churchill Street Jazz Band: The San Francisco Sound.

Dick Cathcart: Bix MCMLIX.

Dick Hyman: Gulf Coast Blues.

Django Reinhardt: Django ‘35-’39; Djangologie 6 – 1937; Swing it Lightly
(with Guitars Unlimited); The Hot Club of France (with the Hot Club
Quintet); Django 35 - 39 (with the Hot Club Quintet).

Don Neely’s Royal Society Jazz Orchestra: Jazz of the Roaring Twenties;
Star Dust; Happy Feet; Ain’t That a Grand and Glorious Feeling? (2 copies).

Down Home Jazz Band: Hambone Kelly’s Favorites,

Dr. Jon’s Medicine Show & Jazz Band: Good Timin’.

Dukes of Dixieland: Carnegie Hall Concert; The Best of the Dukes of
Dixieland; More Best of the Dukes of Dixieland.

Eagle Brass Band: The Eagle Brass Band.

Eddie Bayard and the New Orleans Classic Jazz Orchestra: The Owls’ Hoot.

Eddie Condon: Spotlight on Eddie Condon & His Dixieland All Stars.

Ernie Carson: Ernie Carson and Rhythm; Brother Lowdown; At the Hookers’

Evergreen Classic Jazz Band: Be Prepared for the Unexpected; Trust Me 
a Musician (2 copies).

Fats Waller: The Complete Fats Waller, Vol. III, 1935 - 1936 (2 discs).

Firehouse Five Plus 2: Sessions, Live; Dixieland Favorites; Firehouse Five
Plus Two, Vol. I (10” disk); The Firehouse Five plus Two, Vol. 2; The
Firehouse Five plus Two, Vol. 3; Firehouse Five Plus Two Plays for Lovers;
Firehouse Five Plus Two Goes to Sea.

George Lewis Ragtime Band: Jazz Funeral at New Orleans.

George Probert: The Incredible George Probert.

Golden Eagle Jazz Band with Chris Norris: Young Woman’s Blues; Oh My Babe;
Morocco Blues.

Grand Dominion Jazz Band: Ain’t Nobody Got the Blues Like Me.

High Sierra Jazz Band: Earl McKee: Command Performance; Family Album.

Hot Antic Jazz Band (France): Puttin’ On the Ritz; Jazz Battle; J’Ai de la
Fievre (I Got the Stinger).

Hot Jazz Orchestra: The Hot Jazz Orchestra.

Hotel Edison Roof Orchestra: Breakaway.

Howard Alden: Howard Alden Plays the Music of Harry Reser.

Ian Whitcomb: Red Hot Blue Heaven.

J. C. Higginbotham: Higgy Comes Home.

Jack Teagarden: Swinging Down in Dixie; Unforgettables; Big Band Jazz; The
Blues and Dixie; Original Dixieland.

Jackie Coon: Jazzin’ Around.

James Dapogny: Piano Music of Ferdinand “Jelly Roll” Morton.

Jazzin’ Babies: Flying Without Wings; Flying With Spirit.

Jelly Roll Morton and his Red Hot Peppers: The Saga of Mr. Jelly Lord.

Jim Beatty Jazz Band with Pete Pepke: The Joys of Jazz (autographed by Jim

Jimmy Dorsey and his Original Dorseyland Jazz Band: Dixie by Dorsey.

Jimmy Mazzy: That’s All There Is - There Ain’t No More; Shake it Down
(with Eli Newberger).

Joe Venuti: The Dutch Swing College Band.

Keith Nichols: Doctors Jazz; Shakin’ The Blues Away.

Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen: Recorded Live! at the Empire Theater,
Liverpool, England.

Kid Ory’s Creole Jazz Band: Kid Ory’s Creole Jazz Band; Kid Ory’s Creole
Jazz Band 1954.

King Oliver: King Oliver “Papa Joe” (1926-1928); The King Oliver Creole
Jazz Band, 1923.

King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, Bessie Smith: The Blues Heritage.

Kings of Dixieland: Kings of Dixieland, Volume 5.

Kustbandet: The New Call of the Freaks.

Left Bank Bearcats: The Left Bank Bearcats.

Leon Redbone: Red to Blue; Double Time.

Louis Armstrong: Here’s Louis Armstrong; Mostly Blues; Louis Armstrong,
Volume II; Jazz Classics.

Lu Watters and his Yerba Buena Jazz Band: Live from the Dawn Club; Stomps,
Etc. & the Blues.

Magnolia Jazz 5: Shake That Thing.

Miff Mole and his Dixieland Band: Aboard the Dixie Hi-Flyer.

Monte Ballou and his New Castle Jazz Band: They’re Moving Willie’s Grave
to Build a Sewer.

Monterey Bay Classic Jass Band: Monterey Bay Classic Jass Band, Volume I.

Muggsy Spanier’s Ragtime Band: The Great 16.

Natural Gas Jazz Band: Live from Japan; Natural Gas Jazz Band with George
Probert; Natural Gas Jazz Band Plays the San Francisco Jazz of Lu Watters
and Turk Murphy; Highlights of the Juneau Centennial.

New Black Eagle Jazz Band: New Black Eagle Jazz Band; Mt. Gretna Week-End,
Vol. 1; Mt. Gretna Week-End, Vol. 2; Tight Like This; 1981; Don’t Monkey
With It; Tony’s Mining Company; Jersey Lightning; Classic Jazz; Tenth
Anniversary Concert at Symphony Hall; Kid Thomas and the New Black Eagle
Jazz Band; Dreaming the Hours Away; On the Road; Fantasies.

New Yankee Rhythm Kings with Jimmy Mazzy: Together at Last.

Original Salty Dogs Jazz Band: Rhythm Kings 
 On the Right Track; Down in
Honky Tonk Town.

Pete Fountain: Lawrence Welk Presents Pete Fountain; Mr. New Orleans Meets
Mr. Honky Tonk (with “Big” Tiny Little); Pete Fountain Volume II; Pete
Fountain’s New Orleans; Pete Fountain’s Music from Dixie; South Rampart
Street Parade; Pete Fountain and the New Orleans All Stars.

Prof. Plum’s Jazz: After Hours; Pickin’ Plums; Tollgate Blues; Bouncin’
Around (2 copies).

Ray Lyon: Memories of the Tuneful Thirties.

Red Nichols and his Five Pennies: The Pennies Jump.

Red Rose Ragtime Band: A Rose is a Rose is a Rose; Hot Jazz, Blues, and

Red Roseland Cornpickers: That’s No Bargain; Red Roseland Cornpickers with
Bent Persson; Handful of Keith (with Keith Nichols).

River Boat Five: From Natchez to Mobile.

Rosy McHargue with the Jazzin’ Babies: Echoes of Bix.

Sidney Bechet: Master Musician (2 disks); Jam Session, Vintage 1946 (with
Muggsy Spanier).

South Frisco Jazz Band: San Francisco Jazz.

Stumptown Jazz: The Gospel Truth; Stumptown – 1857.

The Bob Wilber Jazz Repertory Ensemble: The Music of King Oliver’s Creole
Jazz Band, Vol. 1.

The Canadian Brass: Mostly Fats.

The European Classic Jazzband: Whip Me With Plenty of Love.

The Louisiana Repertory Jazz Ensemble, New Orleans: Alive and Well.

The New McKinney’s Cotton-Pickers: You’re Driving Me Crazy.

The Original Night Blooming Jazzmen: And They Called it Dixieland; Stars
and Jazz Forever; More Bloomin’ Jazz; And the Walls Came Tumbling Down;
Dutch Treat.

The Rampart Street Paraders: Real Dixieland!

The Sons of Bix: Copenhagen; Ostrich Walk; A Legend Revisited.

The Swedish Jazz Kings: A Tribute to Clarence Williams.

The World Famous Desolation Jazz Ensemble and Mess Kit Repair Battalion:
Live and in Choler.

Turk Murphy Jazz Band: At The Roundtable; Southern Stomps; The Many Faces
of Ragtime; Oz Turk (autographed by Turk Murphy); Live From the Cinegrill,
Vol. 1; Turk at Carnegie; San Francisco Memories; Turk Murphy’s Jazz Band
(autographed by Turk Murphy); Turk Murphy’s San Francisco Jazz, Vol. 1;
Turk Murphy’s Jazz Band, Vol. I (10” disk); Turk Murphy’s San Francisco
Jazz Band (autographed by Turk Murphy).

Uptown Lowdown Jazz Band: Uptown Lowdown Jazz Band in Colonial York, PA;
Seattle Style; Live in Japan at the Kobe Jazz Street (with King Cresol
Jazz Band, New Orleans Rascals, Riverside Ramblers).

Various Artists: The Best of Dixieland; Dixieland.

West End Jazz Band: Red Hot Chicago; Chicago Breakdown; Positively

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