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Hans Koert koerthchkz at zeelandnet.nl
Wed Feb 12 06:53:15 PST 2003

Talking about guitarists: The Argentinean jazz guitar player Oscar Alemán
deserves a place in the history of jazz guitar playing. If you'd like to
know more about his life and career, have a look at

Gary wrote:

   I am sure there are many more non American Jazz musicians who have
> contributed much to Jazz,>


>    Recently it was stated that Django Reinhardt was the only Non American
> who had a great influnce on early Jazz, not quite.
>    There was one other muso who played with Django that was just as
> influential, Stephen Grappelly who it is no secret that Joe Venuti
>    It has been said that Charlie Christian was the first jazz guitarist to
> perform the the riffs he did. Not so. In many cases he copied Django note
> for note and it is no secret that he idolized Django's music.

Keep swinging

Hans Koert

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