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Wed Feb 12 15:45:53 PST 2003

   Gary Wallbridge
   Cottonwood, AZ


>    It is; "A history of Jazz in America" by Barry Ulanov, Viking Press,
> copyright '50, '51, & '52. Also published by the Macmillan Co. of Canada.
> of the date of my copy there was no library #.
>    This book consists of  382 pages that tell you more than anything you
> ever wanted to know about Jazz from pre-New Orleans up to and including
> modern and progressive.

>    Recently it was stated that Django Reinhardt was the only Non American
> who had a great influnce on early Jazz, not quite.
>    There was one other muso who played with Django that was just as
> influential, Stephen Grappelly who it is no secret that Joe Venuti

This is indeed news to me. I had always thought that it would have been the
other way around.
Did Joe Venuti have a secret set of Grappelli recordings that he listened to
before he recorded with Eddie Lang in the 1920's, along with other
I am reliably informed that Eddie South was in Paris before WW2; he may have
influenced Grappelli.
Talking about various violinists, Grappelli among them, Brian Rust wrote
"Fine musicians, all; but none could really compare in technique, attack,
ideas and finesse with Joe Venuti."

Maybe Ulanov got his facts from Bunk Johnson or that other icon of accuracy,

Phil O'Rourke

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