[Dixielandjazz] Help? Wild Bill 1951 Boston

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>  Eddie Hubble is given credit on this Savoy Album, but I received email
>  yesterday from another DJMLer  informing me that Eph is the bone
>  player on the LP.  Sure glad to have time to get back on the DJML. 
>  Look at all the information so critical to basic survival that I've picked up
>  in just 24 hours!  Wow!
>  :-)  Dick
>   Once and for all...Eph Resnick is on trombone.  I'll stake my reputation
>on it  ( ha ha).  I had that record many years ago and I remember it fairly
>   Jim Beebe
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-I have a Pee Wee Russell/Ruby Braff recording from the "Storyville" Club in
Boston at about that time: the band also features Ephie Resnick on trombone and
Kenny John (who was, briefly, with the Louis Armstrong All-Stars) on drums.

Also- the British trombonist and broadcaster Campbell Burnapp has just
completed a brilliant four-part series entitled "Mr. T from Texas". It was a
very well-informed and moving series of radio programmes about Jackson. Not
least, Jim Beebe's account of how Jackson - quite understandably - failed to
turn up for a promised "lesson" on the trombone. As Jim Beebe says, "he took
the secrets of his runs to the grave".


Jim Denham

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