[Dixielandjazz] Yeah!

James Kashishian kash at ran.es
Mon Feb 10 23:03:21 PST 2003

I was just answering a private email from someone else on DJML about the
fact that I was attacked for even SUGGESTING that the original Dukes of
Dixieland were worth listening to.
The Dukes seem to be sorta a "closet" thing, having been stuck there by
purists.  It reminded me of someone that used to be on DJML, but I think
he must be gone, or has become very silent on the subject.  This person
couldn't even bring himself to type out the word DIXIELAND.  He would
write it with a bunch of dashes, like some do when they write the word
f--k!  It was really funny.  He thought it was a dirty word.

I/we play Dixieland or New Orleans Jazz or trad(whatever you wanta call
it), some swing, a bit of pop even sometimes (especially if it's
old...like Mr. Sandman).  If the occasion calls for it, we have some
wild coloured vests (given to us by J & B Whiskey) that we put on.  No
sin.  No shame.  We play good swinging music, and we call it Dixieland!
We pack 'em in.  If you arrive late, you get to sit on the steps, or
maybe stand (squeezed) at the bar.   Oh, and by the way, we play up to
15 nites a month with an average driving time from home of 20
minutes...good pay, free drinks & dinner (if it's a restaurant)...gobs
of respect...........

Jim (YEAH) Kash

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