[Dixielandjazz] Brady McKay & WNJB

gary garwall at commspeed.net
Mon Feb 10 07:05:08 PST 2003

My Dear Jack & Nan Thomas,
   Would you mind telling me which planet you are currently residing on
because I want to make sure I never visit it.
   If you are under the opinion that they were unable to touch their
audiences then you really have never spent more than a few moments watching
and or listening to them.
   If your only contact has been via CD then I can understand your lack of
knowledge because not all of their numbers could truthfully fall under the
heading of trad jazz but they for damn sure have been performers of OKOM in
the truest sense.
   Their reasons for splitting I am sure has nothing to do with not being
able to touch the audience and I am also sure that before this day is over
you are going to have many more replies to your inappropriate comment.
   Gary Wallbridge

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