[Dixielandjazz] Re: Sad News

Kazuya Deguchi deguchi_k at ybb.ne.jp
Mon Feb 10 17:31:40 PST 2003

Hi all!

Sad news indeed. Ruby Braff was a really great trumpeter
and one of my favorite.

I love to listen to his CDs, such as "Hi-Fi Salute To Bunny",
"Easy Now" from BMG and "Me, Myself And I", "Music From My
Fair Lady", "A Sailboat In The Moonlight" from Concord.

Actually my strolling around OKOM started from two albums
by Ruby Braff / George Barnes Quartet released by Concord.

There are many fans here in Japan. They all would miss
him, too.

  Kazuya Deguchi (Tokyo, Japan)

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