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An interesting post to the TPIN...BIX lives!!
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I saw Arturo Sandoval with the symphony last night.  It was...surprisingly
He played the Artunian Trumpet Concerto, badly!  Yeah, he did some fancy
squeaks that I wouldn't
even count as notes during the cadenza followed by some horrendously out of
tune muddy register things, but that didn't redeem the rest of the show of
some its
dismal quality.  Yes, he played fairly well, but I was very underwhelmed by
him.  I guess I was expecting more than what I heard on his classical CDs.
He played like the good player he is, but I wouldn't at all rank him among
the best in the world.  I would say hes in the top 40 or 50 trumpet players
on earth,  not the top 10.  I have tickets for another show of his soon,
lets just hope I didn't waste my money.
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