[Dixielandjazz] David Livingstone Jazz Messengers

tito martino tmartino at terra.com.br
Sun Feb 9 17:20:21 PST 2003

<<<<<A friend of mine in Breda, Netherlands sent me a cd of the subject
band, The David Livingstone Jazz Messengers (album titled "In De
Klothoeve) I features the late great musician Tom Baker.......on cornet
and vocals plus some very 
fine musicians INMHO.  Recorded in 1990 I would recommend it to
anyone..........my question to the listmates does 
anyone know how to obtain other cd's by this band????
Best Regards, Jazzman Joe>>>>

Dear Joe the Jazzman,

Our listmate Jempi De Donder (editor of the great e-zine
The Jazz Gazette   www.thejazzgazette.be  )certainly can help finding
the address of my old fellow Ad von Beerendonk, bassist of D. Liv. J.
Messengers and owner of Beerendonk Records. 

I played (sub) with Messengers in 1992 just before coming back to Brazil
from my 10 years stay in Europe playing with Bogalusa New Orleans
Jazzband from Winterthur.

Ad is a nice guy, he'll find you other CDs.
Please don't fail to give him my best regards. 


Tito Martino
clarinet, s.sax, a.sax,
Tito Martino Jazz Band
São Paulo  Brasil  

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